About Us

The truth is out there!

So, who are we?? yes, yes, I know you’ve read a bit about us on the homepage, but there’s more to us than that, you know!

Clumber Park 2018

We are an all female dance group, with a mixed band. We dance in the Northwest Morris style, wearing clogs and dancing with sticks, slings and garlands. Our sticks are decorated with coloured ribbons and bells and our garlands are decorated with flowers, the slings are made from plaited cord in our colours of green, black and white. We range in age from 20 to 60+, and currently have over 20 regular dancers, with a band of 5 regular members supplemented occasionally by some of our multi-talented dancers who also play musical instruments. We live in quite a wide area of Norfolk, from Watton in the west, to Ludham in the east, but our base is Norwich, where we practice every Monday night during the autumn and winter.

We come from all walks of life and varying backgrounds, but the one thing we all share is an enthusiasm for our dancing and music. Some of us have been dancing for years, but many had never danced a step when they first joined us. We welcome new dancers each year, but also have many long serving members, including one who has been with the side for 25 years.

And what do we do?? We have a repertoire of over 20 dances, but concentrate on around 12 each season, bringing a couple of new dances in and resting a couple of old ones each year. We dance at pubs in and around Norfolk each Monday evening from May to September and also in various venues at weekends, starting the year off on Easter Monday dancing in Southwold in Suffolk. On May 1st we join other Morris sides to welcome in the summer by dancing at dawn, yes that’s 5.00am!, on Mousehold Heath in Norwich. The year ends with us joining Kemps Men on Boxing Day to dance outside the Crown pub in Banningham, another long standing tradition. So, you can see that although our main dancing season is during the summer we also dance in the autumn and winter and have danced in all weathers, sun, rain, wind and snow!

For details of where we will be dancing see the Programme page.

Which just leaves the question, why do we do it?? A jolly good question, too. We do it because its good fun, good exercise, good friendship and we are proud to be keeping our traditional dancing alive. Come along and watch us one day, or send us an e mail. We’ll always be pleased to see you, or hear from you. If you would like to book us for your event please remember that we need a hard surface to dance on to enable you to have the full experience including the sound of our clogs. Clogs and grass just don’t work. Contact us today.

To learn more about Morris dancing, read Phil Starks’ excellent: “Everything you wanted to know about Morris Dancing but were too afraid to ask!”.